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The VardhmanStayz Team: Dedicated to Making Your Stay Comfortable

At, we understand the challenges faced by students and working professionals searching for comfortable and secure accommodation in a new city. That’s why we’ve built a dedicated team with a single mission: to provide exceptional PG (paying guest) room hospitality services in Karol Bagh, Delhi.

Our founder, Mr. Sourabh Nayak, is no stranger to the struggles of finding suitable accommodation. A former advocate and was an UPSC aspirant himself, he saw firsthand the difficulties students face when moving away from home. Fueled by this understanding and a desire to help, Mr. Nayak established Shri Vardhman Stayz llp in 2015, driven by the vision of alleviating the accommodation woes of students and working professionals.

Meet Our Team Members:

  • Sales Team: Led by Mr. Neeraj, our experienced sales team of 10 individuals manages all eight of our properties in Karol Bagh. Mr. Neeraj boasts exceptional skills and a decade of experience, ensuring a smooth and efficient sales process. Our team is dedicated to understanding your needs and finding the perfect PG accommodation for you.
  • Warden Team: For our female guests, we have a dedicated team of three wardens, available 24/7, headed by Mrs. Deepa. Mrs. Deepa brings over ten years of experience as a PG warden and serves as a mentor to our guests, ensuring their well-being and addressing any concerns they may have.
  • Property Management Team: Each of our properties has a dedicated property manager, overseen by Mr. Laalu. These property managers handle all aspects of the property, from basic maintenance to ensuring advanced requirements are met. They are responsible for creating a comfortable and well-maintained living environment for our guests.
  • Accounts Team: Headed by Mr. Abhishek, our accounts team ensures the smooth and efficient handling of all financial matters. They are available to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding your account.
  • Food Quality Team: Understanding the importance of good food, we have a dedicated team led by Mr. Prashant who oversees the quality of meals served at our PGs. They ensure that our guests receive healthy and delicious meals, keeping them energized throughout the day.

Our Team’s Commitment to You:

At, we believe that our team is our greatest strength. Each member is dedicated to providing exceptional service and creating a comfortable and secure living environment for our guests. We are passionate about what we do, and we strive to make your stay at VardhmanStayz a positive and enriching experience.

Join the VardhmanStayz Family:

If you’re looking for a comfortable and secure PG accommodation in Karol Bagh, Delhi, look no further than Contact our sales team today to learn more about our properties and how we can help you find your perfect home away from home.

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